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Predictions For World War 3




While people in countries around the world have been fighting each other for as long as humans have been on the planet, usually for food, sexual partners or territory, it"s only quite recently that they have been fighting over religion.

Over the past few millennia, humans have perfected the art of fighting over exactly NOTHING! That is, they fight over BELIEF. Now, as strong as belief is, one would think that people would realize that EVERYBODY is entitled to, and can"t help but have, BELIEFS.

Yes, some people DO accept this, but many more choose NOT to accept it. They don"t want to "believe" that OTHER people are allowed to have OTHER beliefs. Typically, these people fall into three categories; they"re too lazy, they don"t have the mental capacity, or they HAVE thought about it, don"t care, or they actually WANT their countries to go to war.

I suppose we might forgive the lazy ones, because, let"s face it, thinking is hard work, and we MUST forgive the ones who aren"t smart enough to figure it all out. They simply can"t help themselves.

The thinkers, on the other hand, we shouldn"t forgive.

THESE people KNOW what they"re doing, and they STILL take millions of "their" people to war, all in the name of protecting "their" nation and its citizens" "freedoms".

At the time of writing this I believe the world teetering on the edge of a major world conflict. This will be a war that WILL affect almost everybody on the planet.

How World War Three Will Start

How will the next Great War start? Well, history is the best predictor of how it will happen. Usually, it goes like this:

1. Current financial systems fail because politicians spend money that the country doesn"t have while large scale banking fraud becomes the norm, and unaffordable social programs are cut back.

2. World leaders have no solutions so they keep creating currency. Excess currency creates inflation, unemployment and social unrest.

3. Currencies collapse around the world. This starts currency wars, which in turn lead to trade wars.

4. Leaders in the countries that have the most physical ability choose to take whatever they can from the weaker countries (oil, land, minerals etc.), by occupying them (sending in the troops).

5. Other strong countries" leaders see what is happening and do the same to get "their" share of the action.

6. The leaders of the strongest countries want more than the other leaders, so that they can maintain their high status.

7. Each country"s leaders test each other, by creating military "incidents", usually around border areas and shipping lanes.

8. Each country"s media is ordered to start ramping up hatred campaigns, directed at the opposing country and its people.

9. War is declared by one of the leading military powers" leader, telling the citizens of that country that they had "no other choice"

10. Most people believe that THEY are the victims being attacked and so fully support their leaders who got them into the fight in the first place.


Source by Luke Hawthorne

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