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ERP CRM Applications




Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer relationship management (CRM) applications are considered to be the mainstay of any successful business today.

ERP are a set of applications that automate and integrate most complex business tasks bringing about a higher degree of efficiency in business. It leads to better cost control, customer retention and enhanced customer service.

CRM tools on the other hand aim to improve the relationship with the customer and thereby increase the profitability.

CRM totally focuses on the customer while ERP tools help you look at business from a broader view. How would it be if you could get a combination of the two in one package? Nowadays, most vendors have started to integrate CRM with an ERP system. The result is nothing short of dynamic.

ERP and CRM: The combo

An ERP suite which has fully integrated CRM can make life easy for you. Here are some of the features that are commonly seen in such a software package.

  • Performance management : This module of the ERP CRM application will enable managers in your organization to have a complete bird"s eye view of the performance and the activities in your organization. Most software systems also have reporting integrated with this module which makes it extremely easy to report across multiple periods and schema.

  • Purchasing : Watch your entire purchase department gets automated with this module. Right from purchase orders to payment processing, everything will be managed with ease.

  • Sales : This is one of the most efficient modules of the ERP CRM application. It gives you a complete view of potential customers and existing ones. The sales module is integrated with the marketing module and this lets the team target each customer with the most precise plan.

  • Customer Service :You can be rest assured of the best customer service now that you have CRM integration within the ERP system. Watch your escalation requests decline over a period of time.


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