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Organizing The Chaos - Personal Assistent Software


Leave those sticky notes on the refrigerator in the past century! Let your computer the responsibility of remembering boring stuff.


Informaizer is an unique personal assistant designed to solve the typical problems of busy people: right goals setting and prioritizing, managing To-Do & Contacts lists effectively, getting proper notifications and reminders on upcoming events, multiple bookmarks management and automation via hot-keys, block-note with frequently used text reusing, managing Web-Notes, etc.

Informaizer serves the needs of businessmen, researchers, students, information specialists and individuals who have many things that need to be organized, tracked, checked and maintained.

Manage all your deals effectively, in one powerful application - Informaizer. This integration gives you many benefits and leads to your personal productivity boosting.

Monkeymen Calendar

Customize this intuitive Desktop Calendar Reminder Software with your own photos and virtual stickers. Plan on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Never forget birthdays or appointments with reminder alarms. Create printable desktop calendars. Includes a handy to-do list. No need for unnecessary complexity or a complicated interface. Be up, running and organized--in minutes! Version 3.0 includes custom backgrounds (skins) and data backup.


For many years I have been looking for an effective reminder programme that was not too expensive and did exactly what I wanted, which was give me a sharp nudge when I forgot something. To no avail. I found most programmes of this type either too expensive, did many things I did not want were far too complicated or simply messed up my system. So I produced NudgeMe to meet my needs and maybe yours as well.

NudgMe is very simple to operate and will pop up on the date and time you have asked it to with a persistent cuckoo, who will keep annoying you until you either click the "Done" button, or the

"Change" button. You can either put NudgeMe in your Start Menu so that it will start up each time you log on to your computer, or just leave it on the desktop and start yourself at the beginning of each day. You will find there is a button captioned "Hide", click on this and NudgeMe will hide in your toolbar but pop up when a NudgeMe is due. You can restore it at any time by clicking on its icon in your toolbar. Either right or double click.

The controls are very simple. When the programme starts you will see the first NudgeMe displayed and can scroll through them all using the left and right arrow buttons. If you wish to change any NudgeMe click the Edit button, change dates or actions as required and then Save. To add new ones click on the Add NudgeMe button. This takes you to a new area where you enter the subject of your NudgeMe the date and time - with easy point and click - and action required. Finally click Save to return to main viewing area. Any NudgeMe overdue will appear in its own area with Done and Change buttons. For example, if you want to defrag your PC every Sunday, change the date using the change button to next Sunday.

If you have many a NudgeMe - there is a limit of 50 - there is a search for the Subject menu item

to avoid wading through the whole list. Choosing a good Subject is therefore important.

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