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Mr Bean The Hairdresser!



Mr Bean has a secret skill as a hairdresser...or does he? OFFICIAL MR BEAN. Mr Bean goes to the barber for a haircut. When he mistaken for a hairdresser he ...

The Africa Scam Letters and Check Scams




There are many ways to avoid scam websites on the Internet. When getting an email from a   bank  that is not familiar, chances are it is a phishing email attempting to get credit card information,  bank  account numbers or a Social Security number by sending the potential scam victim to a scam web site. In addition to phishing Internet scams, there are the Africa scams which are typically scam letters from Nigeria along with the check scam. Coming from the email reader"s perspective, the letter says it will give the reader millions of dollars or pounds for helping them get themselves along with their fortune out of the country.

Another version of the scam letter has the scammer"s character in the email dying of cancer. Before they die, however, they want the email recipient to have part of their fortune in exchange for them helping orphans. This is one version of the charity scam that is used by scam letters from several overseas countries. To clarify, this scheme, which can be found in the African scam, involves a dying person who has cancer or some other disease and wants to donate the money to the person receiving the email. The scammer claims they are doing this because they have no relatives and they have had a change of heart in the face of death. As a result, they want the email recipient to start a charity to help poor orphans and motherless children.

Sometimes, the scam victim has to send money or cash a check for the large fortune to be released. This is where the check scam comes in. The check scam involves the victim cashing the check and sending the money back to the scammer before the  bank  realizes it is fake and withdraws the amount from the victim"s account. The phishing websites and the check scam make up some of the Internet"s top scams.

Communicating with the scammer usually involves receiving an email, at least initially. The scammer poses as any number of professions. The Africa scam usually has gold or cocoa merchants from Ghana, Sierra Leone or Benin who have escaped to Cote d"Ivoire or Ivory Coast with their fortune. There is also the account manager or director at the Central  Bank  of Nigeria who has discovered a vast fortune in the account of a deceased person. They want to give it to the scam victim either as a relative or next of kin if the account is not known and the  bank  employee is trying to get the money out of the country with the victim"s help. Nigeria seems to be a major source of email scams and the Nigerian scam letter is widely known.

The Africa scam is not confined to just Africa. While the theme and story are pretty much the same, the source can be from any country or continent. The scam letters come from Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South  America  as well as Africa. Scams such as the check scam come from other countries as well.

Sometimes the Africa scams will mention the U.N. and claim that the U.N. is giving away money for economic development or some similar economic plan. A more recent version of the Africa scam is related to Nigeria and the United Nations together where 419 victims can receive compensation. In other words, the Africa scams attempt to defraud 419 victims a second time by telling them in another scam letter that they will get their money back from the previous scam. Some of the other countries where the African scam letter claims to originate from include Burkina Faso, Sudan and South Africa as well as Nigeria.

One notorious scam that seems to come from Europe is the UK lottery scam. The email recipient receives an email with the subject heading, "congratulations, you won." It is usually typed in capital letters. The scam victim has to provide information about themselves in order to receive the prize.

Although the Africa scam occasionally will use the lottery theme, most of the lottery scams seem to be associated with Europe or a large American company. Some of the countries besides the UK include Spain, with Madrid frequently mentioned, the Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium. Sometimes, the lottery scam will claim to come from Yahoo, Microsoft or Coca-Cola.

Learning how to recognize scams on the Internet can prevent a potential loss of money to a criminal. Phishing and Africa scams such as the Nigerian scam letter are becoming known. Scams coming from Africa can be recognized and reported.


Source by Jim H.

Resident Evil: Capítulo final - Trailer Español - Estreno 2017



Suscríbete - https://goo.gl/arPHsQ Título original Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Año 2017 País Estados Unidos Estados Unidos Director Paul W.S. Anderson ...


10 Holistic Ways to Help Heal Grief




The part can never be well unless the whole is well. ~Plato

1. Experience Your Pain

This is one idea I will repeat over and over. Our culture very much promotes experiential avoidance which keeps us "stuck" in grief (and many other emotions). We often think grief and pain will go away if we can just avoid it long enough -- it won"t. It usually just gets harder and lasts longer.

2. Mourn as well as grieve

We often use the words grieving and mourning interchangeably, but there is a difference. Grief is the personal, internal response to loss; mourning is the external, social sharing and expression of grief.

In healing grief it is important to allow others to support us. For some, this requires releasing the belief we (or others) have of ourselves as being a particular someone (i.e. "the strong one," "the rock," or "independent.") We may need to allow ourselves to lean, to receive help and support from others. Most of us are not skilled at asking for support or telling others what we need. (I totally get this -- I was the "strong one" and spent years trying to handle everything alone so that I wouldn"t bother anyone or "be a burden.")

This is an often scary skill to learn but it is so vitally important. It also leads into my next idea.

3. Learn to say No

This tends to be especially difficult for women but can be challenging for all. Grief is exhausting. Healing from grief consumes a huge amount of emotional, mental, and physical energy. There may be some things that have to do be done and can"t be put off until we work through the grieving process -- going to work, taking care of children or pets, paying the bills, looking for new work, legal and practical decisions (especially after a death or divorce), etc. However, there are many things we can say no to for a while. Dinner or lunch invitations, joining yet another committee, the need to keep the house perfectly clean (your friends will forgive you the dust, if they even notice!), moving or making other big changes for a while and so much more.

Say yes to giving yourself time and space to care for yourself. Say yes to giving yourself permission to experience your pain and to heal.

4. Sleep

This is a simple yet often challenging one. As a society, we are already sleep deprived and living our lives in a state of exhaustion. Grief adds another layer to that exhaustion.

Sleep can be a two-edged sword when one is grieving. On one hand, it gives us respite from our pain and gives our bodies and minds time to rest and heal. On the other hand, that moment when you awake and it all comes rushing back is intensely painful. Sleep is necessary for healing and the painful remembrance upon awakening will dull as you move through the healing process.

Sometimes our bodies and minds (usually our minds) won"t let us sleep or won"t let us sleep for long. In this case, at least allow yourself to rest. Lie quietly and listen to quiet, soothing music. Take a bubble bath. Take short naps.

5. Get a Massage

Or acupuncture. Or energy work. Or a pedicure. There are many things we can do to nurture our body and our soul through the grieving process. Give yourself some love.

6. Get Out and Experience Nature

Remind yourself of the beauty and resilience of nature. Take a walk in the woods, see the majesty of the mountains or the vastness of the open sky, lay in the grass and watch the clouds, gaze at the stars, smell flowers, dig your feet into the sand on the beach, get out on the lake, climb a tree, get your hands in the dirt. Nature can be healing in and of itself.

7. Eat Healthy

In times of pain and grief and general emotional upset, we often reach for the very foods that end up making us feel worse. Carbs, alcohol, processed foods, ice cream -- they all give us that brief sense of relief but in the end are just another form of experiential avoidance.

Eating healthy - lots of fruits, veggies, nuts - helps our body function better. This helps with the feelings of exhaustion that accompany grief. It also helps our bodies have the energy to process and heal grief. When our bodies are loaded down with sugar and alcohol and junk, they have to expend more energy processing that and there is little energy left to process the grief. (This can be hard - it took me a LONG time to figure it out)

8. Write

Journal. Write poetry. Write songs. Blog. Write letters. Write stories. Write anything. Writing can be incredibly healing. Let out all the stuff you have stuffed inside, the stuff you might not be ready to speak out loud, the things you wanted to tell someone but didn"t get a chance. Write whatever will help you on your journey through grief. Don"t worry about grammar or structure or punctuation. Just let it spill out. It"s always beautiful.

9. Get a pet

Or spend time with the one you already have. Dogs and cats work beautifully but so will other animals. Find what suits you. Pets bring us endless comfort, laughs, and remind us to live in the present moment. Pets are some of the best healers.

10. Allow yourself to practice each of the above ideas imperfectly.

Basically, in everything through this, be kind and gentle and loving to yourself. We can only do the best we know how to do in any given moment. And it"s enough.


Source by Emily R Long

Quick Cash Loans Online - Instant Financial Loans For Emergencies




A need for sudden finance can crop up in any individual"s life, especially if he is a salaried person with a fixed source of income and budget for each month. Any unplanned expenditure or financial emergency like a medical treatment can bring about a financial crisis which needs to be met with instant supply of funds. Such immediate cash access can be achieved through the specific loan schemes which many lenders in the financial market offer to potential borrowers, looking for quick, short term funds. The quick cash loans online are one such loan category which are ideal for the purpose of meeting fund shortage for a short duration of a week or two. The loans are applied for through the online medium, as the name suggests, and can even be approved, transferred and repaid electronically, to save the time and effort of the borrower.

Most of the quick cash loans online are payday loans, which are provided to sustain the borrower in a financial crisis in between two consecutive paydays. The loan amount of the quick cash loans online, help to meet financial expenditures which are crucial and cannot be delayed or postponed till the next payday of the borrower. As and when the need arises, the potential borrower can research some reliable lenders in his area and compare the various rates offered on the cash loans, to select a suitable lender and loan plan to meet his financial needs. Once such selection is made, the borrower applies through the online application form, available at the lender"s website, by filling in basic personal and employment details. Most of these loans do not require a credit verification of the borrower and hence, even individuals with a bad credit history can apply for these loans easily.

When the lender receives the loan application for the quick cash loans online, he verifies the information provided on the application form by promptly getting in touch with the borrower. The approval decision on the loan plan is also, instantly given to further speed up the transaction and enable the borrower to get immediate access to the required funds. The funds are usually transferred to the borrower"s account within 24 hours of the loan approval, enabling him to pay for any financial emergency which may have cropped up.

The repayment for the quick cash loans are equally convenient and are conducted electronically again. The borrower only needs to provide a post dated cheque to the lender at the time of loan approval, which gets credited on the date of next payday of the borrower. The borrower only needs to ensure that he has sufficient funds in his account on the date of repayment to avoid the non repayment of the cash loans, which could then adversely affect his credit ranking and incur penalty from the lender. So, whenever a need for immediate funds arises for a short term requirement, any individual can meet the expenses with such instant cash loans and meet any financial requirement at any time.


Source by Angela Whitney

Película La Liga de la Justicia 2017 Trailer Subtitulado



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How To Get Rid Of A Cold Sore - 5 Natural Remedies




Have you also had cold sores? You want to know how to get rid of a cold sore, because there is no cure, as we all know... Just remedies until the next break out. I have tested out 5 different products, so here is my take on them and how they might be useful to you. Note I am not a doctor, but some of these might help you ask the right questions to the right people.

1- Natrum muriaticum.

This is also known as Nat mur. I would recommend it if you have cold sores in the early stages. The early stages being before any white liquid starts to show. I found it caused me to have chapped lips, but was very very good. Although it was not a really fast remedy.

2- Sepia.

This is Cuttlefish ink. It worked ok, nothing exceptional, but I"ve read some places it is good for pregnant women or people that are depressed. Try it out, you never know it might be good for you...

3- Rhus toxicodendron.

This is what you would call poison ivy. I know! I know! Why would I put poison Ivy on my face? Well good question! It was proposed to me, and it was very painful. I did not like it at all. Although it is recommended to "finish off" a cold sore. I just wanted to talk about it since it seems to have worked with some people.

4- Hepar sulphuris calcareum.

This is also called calcium sulphide. It helped also as much as the Natrum muriaticum. I liked this one too. I think this type of treatment is for bad infections, it even supposedly helps to prevent having to take antibiotics.

5- Dulcamara.

I tride this and found it pretty useless... I finished by taking the Natrum Muriaticum. I am guessing it was probably not for my type of cold sore... It seems it might be used for bad cases, where scracthing causes bleeding or women in menses or even for cold sores appearing when the temperature is humid (when comes rain and such).

All in all, homeopathic treatments worked sometimes, but not as fast as I would like.

I wanted to know how to get rid of a cold sore FAST, but finally only found out how to get rid of a cold sore period.


Source by Zachary Scott

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Trailer película |clash Royale



Business Marketing - How to Get Noticed Without Breaking the Bank




With the economic condition getting tighter and tighter as time passes business owners from all genres need to tighten their proverbial belt. Nevertheless, marketing is not one of the areas that should suffer. Cutting back on your marketing will ensure an untimely demise for your business. However, there are ways to promote your business without breaking the bank. In my thirty plus years as an entrepreneur I have been though times of boom and bust. It is through this experience that I have come to realize that throwing money only is not the most profitable means of business promotion.

I have listed below several ways that you too can promote your business, products and services without incurring great expense. I hope you too will find these suggestions useful.

Reward Loyal Customers

One of the best ways to market your business is to let your loyal customers know how important they are to you. Something as simple as a quick note-not an email-or as complex as a gift sent in a timely manner will do two positive things for your business. First, it brings your name back to the forefront of their thoughts, and second, it solidifies their loyalty. Yes, an email may suffice, but a card in their hands will have a greater impact. In your card you could offer them an incentive, or not. The choice is up to you.

When considering what type of thank you gift to send, whether it is a discounted event ticket to one of your events or a physical product, think like your customer. What would they be more apt to remember you for sending them? What would they find useful? Sometimes a branded pen or other item is exactly what is called for. While for the very best customers you might consider a box of yummy chocolates. If your gift is from a fellow small business owner or joint venture partner, so much the better. Which brings us to the next suggestion; joint ventures.

Joint Ventures with Cross-over Business Partners

Joint ventures (JV) are one of the most overlooked marketing ideas in the small to medium-sized business owner"s marketing arsenal. Why this is the case is simple, they are often thought of as competition. However, you might be surprised to learn that even similar businesses often don"t offer some of the services or products that you do. Therefore, consider not only cross-over businesses but similar ones as well when looking into the possibilities of participating in JV opportunities.

As an example, often I JV with writing coaches and editors. While I offer publishing and design services, over the years I have discovered my dislike for editing. I spent many years search for qualified editors. Then, one day about two years ago, I was approached by an editor and not too long after that we formed an alliance. She now refers me to her writers, and when I have the opportunity I reciprocate.

Offer Referral Incentives

One easy way to take advantage of the aforementioned JV experience is to offer referral incentives. For many years now I have offered a bonus referral of 10 percent off first invoice. This has been both beneficial for the referring person and me. Giving back, in a real and tangible fashion is an excellent way of genuinely showing my thankfulness for referrals and generating additional referrals. In the last couple of years, I have noticed a marked increase in business; do in great part to referrals.

Put Your Business Card on Bulletin Boards

Have you been out and about and seen a bulletin board in a place of business, college or library with business cards tacked on it? Have you ever taken one down to use? I have personally done both. Even the restaurants in my local area have tabletop business card promotions that I have asked the waiter for a card or two more than once. These are excellent free and inexpensive ways to market your business. Don"t let this opportunity pass you by. Put your card or flyer up and check back often to make sure you to replace it when you see it is missing.

Become a Joiner

Online and offline alike, there are many groups and organizations that the business owner has at their disposal. No matter what your business or interests are you will find a plethora of choices. When you get an email that mentions one of your "keywords" do you sit up and take notice? As you read the email do you decide that it isn"t worth your time? We all have to pick and choose wisely, but when you join groups that include your target information or audience you might be pleasantly surprised by the content and opportunities that arise.


Just joining is not enough. Once you join, if you don"t participate you"ll have wasted your time and money. Get involved, offer to help in any way you can and you will soon find the members more inclined to include you in their circle of friends. Think about the clubs and organizations in which you currently participate. If you aren"t making headway, is it due to a lack of participation, or is it just not working. Clean house, chose again, and participate.

Provide Quality Content

Good content is paramount to good marketing. Misspellings in your marketing pieces, no matter where they are found, only makes you look sloppy and unprofessional. After all, who would hire you if they see the lack of care in your own information products and ads? Yet, typos and grammar errors are not the only things that can count against you. Stale or overused content too can create a sense that you aren"t providing your reader with the information they seek. Yes, do your research, quote sources, but keep the content relevant and fresh.

Write Articles

Article writing is an excellent way to promote your business, products, and services. Not only is this cost-effective but your contact information will always be included. However, you aren"t getting the full benefit of article writing if you are only submitting them to online article houses. Your local newspaper or magazine is always searching for good content. Why not consider submitting content to them? First, find out who the contact person is for the section of the newspaper or magazine you want to provide content for and then jot them a quick note, or better yet, call them to find out their production schedule and required format. Then as mentioned before, provide well written, production ready articles on a timely basis.

Get Active Online

Facebook and Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, Four Square and LinkedIn, just to name a few, social media has taken hold. If you aren"t participating you are missing the mark. Each time you comment or post you have the chance to go "viral". But, if you don"t participate, you never will! Yes, these things take time. Schedule an hour a day to post on the forums and social media; that would be a good start. If you truly don"t have time to get involved it is well worth your marketing dollars to hire a virtual assistant that specializes in social media to do it for you. You can even use tools that are available to automate your posts. Seek and ye shall find!

Update Your Blog

Speaking of activity, it is imperative that you keep your blog fresh. If you can"t come up with content yourself why not invite others to supply content for you. Hosting an author or business owner interview or blog tour are just a couple of ways to bring new visitors and keep your blog fresh. And, whatever you do, make sure your content is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Before you publish, read and rewrite your content. It isn"t going to do you any good if your content is not relevant or of high quality.

Comment on Blogs

Here again is another oft overlooked marketing method. When you comment on another person"s blog you usually have the opportunity to include your website link. These unreciprocated links are seen as some of the best SEO (Search Engine Marketing) boosters. Not only will you enjoy this benefit, but you will be opening your comments to a whole different set of eyes. So, go now and search for blogs where your comments will be welcome and useful. Then, comment yourself into a new community of readers who just might become your best fans.

Google and Visit Online Marketing Sites

Good Marketing Ideas and Small Business Association are just two of the terrific websites offering business owners marketing and business advice. With a simple Google search you will discover that there are a whole host of websites that can help in this regard. Spend some time reading their content and take advantage of their advice. You"ll find it well worth the time taken.

Spruce up your Website

When you look at your web presence does it make you smile? Is it well designed and easy to navigate? If you can"t see beyond your current website or think it can"t be improved, ask your customers. Their feedback may clue you into changes that you may not be aware of that need to be made. Sometimes, just updating or adding another page is all you need to do. At other times, you may want to give your site a complete makeover. Just like getting a new dress, a website makeover takes time and consideration, but once the choice is made the thrill can be invigorating. Besides which, it gives you the reason to have a press release written and distributed, which is your bonus marketing suggestion.

Never Give Up

If you are in need of additional ideas to either implement or just to spark your imagination, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of the award-winning annual Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide. In it you will find a whole year"s worth of marketing opportunities and even the tool and tips to implement them. Remember, winning new and potential customer"s business is an ongoing battle. It takes time and effort, but in the end you will reach your goal. Figure out what works for you and repeat the process.


Source by Ginger Marks

Net Nanny - Parental Control Software Provides Solid Internet Security for Children




The absolute best product you can buy to protect children from online predators, pornographic material, violent sites, hate-related sites, and other undesirable content is Net Nanny by LookSmart software. This robust, full-featured parental control software product has everything you need to fully protect up to 12 different users with different "age appropriate", fully customizable settings. With Net Nanny installed, parents no longer need to worry about what children are exposed to on the internet, because special filters and blockers keep the bad stuff out of sight.

Net Nanny is easy and install and configure, and includes a ton of features that are all fully customizable to meet every parent"s needs. Net Nanny is very affordable parental control software, costing around $40. It includes web content filtering, an internet timer, internet application blocking, logging and monitoring software, a popup blocker, and privacy protection. Net Nanny fully protects children online, and provides parents with peace of mind in knowing that their children are only experiencing what family values allow.

Features of Net Nanny

  • Fully Customizable
    • Perhaps the best feature of Net Nanny is that it is fully customizable, allowing parents to set the filters in accordance with their own beliefs and family values. Net Nanny lets parents decide what their children can and cannot do online, and also lets them use a different set of "rules" for each child if desired.

  • Web Filtering
    • Web content filtering allows parents to block access to an included "blacklist" of known undesirable websites, while allowing the option of removing or adding more prohibited sites as needed. A monthly update of the Net Nanny blacklist ensures that even the newest unacceptable websites are blocked. If desired, a "whitelist" can be created, and used instead of the blacklist. This option allows parents to create a list of acceptable websites that are the only sites a child is allowed access to.

  • Popup Blocker
    • A built in pop up blocker ensures that your child doesn"t see any unexpected "surprises" as a result of popup ads for pornographic websites or other inappropriate advertisements. This also helps keep your family safe, because many popups contain links to dangerous spyware-ridden websites.

  • Keyword Filter
    • Parents can create keyword lists that filter out any inappropriate terms that might appear on websites that children are permitted to visit.

  • Internet Application Blocking
    • As an option, parents can block access to instant messaging (a tool that is commonly used by predators), downloading, and/or online games that can oftentimes be violent or addicting.

  • Web Timer
    • Net Nanny also includes an internet timer that lets parents control the amount of time each day they are allowed to remain online. It also lets parents set the times of day that the internet is available. You can configure Net Nanny to block all internet access between 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., for example. This is often a helpful feature when kids have a computer in their bedroom.

  • Privacy Protection
    • This feature protects your personal and confidential information, such as passwords and account numbers. It filters your personal information out of any data that leaves your computer and goes out to the web.

  • Parental Monitoring
    • As an option, parents can configure Net Nanny to e-mail them notification whenever a child attempts to violate an internet rule they have set. Parents can also opt to get an e-mailed record of what kids are chatting about online, and who they are chatting with.


Source by Debbie Jacobsen

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Avance de tráiler de Annabelle 2 -estreno 2017.

Identity Theft - Establishing a Culture of Security




What is Identity Theft? It is the No. 1 crime in   America  and effecting over 10 million people per year, occurring every 79 seconds, costing customers/consumers over $5 billion in out-of-pocket losses, and businesses over $48 billion as reported by the Federal Trade Commission (F.T.C.).

What is so misleading concerning Identity Theft that most consumers and businesses believe it is all about credit/financial. Not so! Identity Theft occurs in 5 areas of theft: financial/credit identity theft, medical identity theft, driver license identity theft, social security identity theft, and character/criminal identity theft. If a thief can get hold of just a piece of your identity information, it could lead to all the other areas of theft. That"s the Big Picture and the identity theft facts! Having just a credit report monitoring service is NOT enough to detect, deter, or defend against Identity Theft.

As of today, over 50% of Identity Theft is occurring in the workplace. As reported by PrivacyRights.org, just from January 1, 2005 to February 25, 2008 (not including years prior) there has been reported to the Federal Trade Commission over 218,621,856+ total number of records containing sensitive personal information involved in security breaches in the United States. To name just a few in the State of North Carolina: most recent Mecklenburg County (stolen laptop in car), NC Dept of Transportation (computer server), Duke University (school website), Carolina Medical Center-Northeast (paramedic laptop), ABC Phones/ACC Communications (files in dumpster),  Bank  of  America  (laptop at home), and NC Dept of Revenue (laptop in car). Then there are others like T.J. Stores, the largest reported breach to date, with over 100 million accounts stolen; FoxNews and others, unintentionally or intentionally lost someone"s non-public information (NPI). This problem will NOT go away and security breaches will continue to happen!

That is why, effective January 1, 2008 with a deadline date of November 1, 2008, the 5 federal agencies, lead by the F.T.C. has finalize another part legislation of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 (FACTA), called Identity Theft Red Flags Rule. This new Rule applies to mostly all businesses in  America . Whether the institution has 1 employee or thousands (for profit or non-profit or government), have covered accounts, utilizes credit cards for processing, or utilizes consumer reports for employment or business, they must have an "Identity Theft Prevention Program" in their institutions to help reduce identity theft in the workplace. This program must be approved by a Board of Directors or President (if no Board) and must be implemented, monitored, and updated on a regular base by an individual or committee at Senior Level Management. Why, because institutions are losing NPI and are fully liable of damages occurred from identity theft of its employees and customers. There are penalties for institutions that can not show proof of a "reasonable security system" as stated by the F.T.C. and other regulator bodies (State & Local), which could lead to civil, criminal, and imprisonment for Board Members, Senior Officers, and Employees. Today, institutions must stop thinking just about pouring money into IT security or paper shredding, but developing a "Culture of Security" from Top-Down. More intention needs to be placed on training ALL employees and offering a mitigating system that will help detect, deter, and defend against Identity Theft in the workplace. For legal advice, please consult your attorney.


Source by Anthony Herring

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(vídeo reacción) trailer de assassins creed la película



Haiti, a Strong Case for Misplaced Development Assistance Rationale!




The facts and figures are breathtaking:

  • 230,000 Estimated Deaths

  • 2 Million Estimated Displaced Individuals in Haiti

  • 1.6 Million VERIFIED of Displaced Individuals in Settlements

  • 3 Million Estimated Affected Population
Despite all the international community sudden compassionate outcry, and pouring dollars, a lot is being learnt as who really are the invisible hands making or breaking deals in Haiti reconstruction schemes.

It"s not means which make development sustainable, but the ability for stakeholders to size up the challenge and envision indigenous exit strategies in accordance with local priorities. In the case of Haiti, stakeholders are shareholders meticulously weighing, simulating and gauging, day in and day out, several predatory assistance schemes making the poorest nation in the northern hemisphere a sudden object of attention, a safe heaven for an open and orchestrated scramble for Haiti, a "Berlin Conference-1884-1885" bis to divide and conquer Haiti.

This, nothing else, is the reason why it takes time for the reconstruction effort to evolve as sought from a practical standpoint! From the point of view of those millions of families directly or indirectly affected, from the point of view of those children now spending this wintry season out under a shaky tent... This dilatory assistance scheme itself is sought to lead to more additional deaths and disabled that would count as a surplus of saved money towards the assistance plan in mind when those monies was sought to reach the century old horseshoe shaped country...

This is the visible part of the iceberg: only 20% of the aid pledged had been received so far...Nearly one year on, more than one million yet fortunate Haitians still live in camps. Donors and the international community were not working with Haitians to find solutions when channeling aid to those who need it. I need to have control over what they do in my country, where they do it and with whom they are doing it, and at what cost. It"s very difficult for me to give explanation for the use of money that I never receive...This is the process of intent of Mr Bellerive, Haitian Prime Minister!

May be for the newly elected government less bureaucracy would help make an impact for the benefits of the People of Haiti after centuries of acts of aggression more so now on the sovereignty on the pretext of humanitarian responsibilities.

May be a good pretext for those interest groups behind the scenes, in the name of humanitarians concerns, which would not have that much leverage if there were no mechanisms to ensure heavy bureaucracy is in place. Indeed in lieu and place of the Government of Haiti, to screen, filter and follow up on who will sit on the oversight committee, it"s a so-called Haiti Reconstruction Fund, in defiance of intrinsic Government capability to run affairs, in charge of supervising and "distributing" all the relief money still pouring down in Haiti.

From its statement of intent, the Haiti Reconstruction Fund is a partnership between the international community and the Government of Haiti to help finance post-earthquake reconstruction. Nonetheless it is stated that "the HRF mobilizes, coordinates and allocates contributions from bilateral and other donors to finance high-priority projects, programs and budget support"...Openly omitting the government at sight?

What are the advocates of the fund doing with the notions of sovereignty and noninterference in internal affairs embodied within the principles of the United Nations?

How accountability will be dealt with and enforced given the non-state nature of the HRF?

Who is the HRF Board made off? Maddoff?

Is there any way the Government of Haiti can take ownership over the achievements or lack of thereof deriving from the Fund?

Partial response of such critical questionings can be found in this New World Order taking shape pointing that the prevailing world order is unipolar and this is expected to continue in a foreseeable future if strong choir of opponents are not getting busy in countering such dynamics.

Surprisingly the major institutions supposed to reinstate justice and social equity are watching and orchestrating such unipolarisation... Indeed the Haiti Reconstruction Fund activities are supervised by the Inter-American Development   Bank , the United Nations and the World  Bank  to "vehemently" ensure that international standards of good practice for reconstruction are applied.

Provided that nations with a powerful veto right was consequentially strong in social justice ideals, they"re the one to exercise their veto rights... But isn"t it true that a veto gives power, possibly unlimited, to stop changes, but not to adopt them?

Haiti deserves more than such a colonialistic treatment!


Source by Demba Ndiaye

La bella y la bestia (Beauty and the Beast) - Trailer Español - Estreno 2017



Suscríbete - https://goo.gl/arPHsQ La bella y la bestia (Beauty and the Beast) Título original Beauty and the Beast Año 2017 País Estados Unidos Estados ...


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The Benefits of Using CRM Software




CRM software (customer relationship management software) is fast becoming very popular. The main reason for this is that more people know what CRM is for, and are deciding to use it for customer support. It"s also becoming more popular because of its increased ease of use. Web based CRM software offers companies tons of features and benefits that weren"t offered in the past. As more companies require call center software to run their businesses, this type software will only continue to grow in popularity.

So what are the benefits of using CRM software? Essentially, customer support software can be used to keep track of customers and vendors in an organized manner. Especially with web based software, you can do a lot more than just keep track of dates or a list of contacts. Of course, call center software can do these things very well, but it has the potential to do a whole lot more. Most businesses don"t even realize all the functions CRM can take care of in an efficient way.

You can use this software to record names and dates, but it can also work well to keep track of sales, returns, important dates, and remind people of tasks they must accomplish. As a result, people in your organization won"t miss deadlines, meetings, phone calls, or anything else. Good web based software will help you keep in close contact with customers and clients so that they receive the high level of customer support that they need. When your customers feel like you are willing to listen to their concerns, comments, and problems this can only help your business grow and thrive. Good call center software is the only way you can foster and encourage repeat business and keep customers happy. CRM will attract new customers as well.

If you go with web based CRM software in particular, it"s possible to provide an even higher level of service without breaking the bank. Customer support doesn"t have to be expensive anymore - you"ll soon find this out once you begin searching for call center software for your company.

So what are your options when it comes to CRM? Microsoft is one choice to consider. Microsoft provides all your CRM needs and has proven a very popular choice lately. To avoid common problems when interacting with clients, having customer service on your side can mean the difference between making and breaking the relationship.

Small business CRM is designed just for small businesses and is a good customer relationship management solution if you don"t run a major international operation. This is something you should look into if you need a smaller-scale solution to your customer service issues.

CRM is critical to the proper functioning of a business simply because it keeps things organized and deals with clients in the best manner possible. If you want to include CRM in your overall business strategy, do more research to find the software that"s right for you.


Source by Garry L. Neale

Los Chicos del Maíz 2 - Trailer Oficial + Película Completa ( Español )



Los Chicos del Maíz 2 · Trailer Oficial Película Completa ( Los Chicos del Maíz 2) En Español Míralo Completo Dando Clik En El Link------▻ ...