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Cufflinks For Your Next Big Wedding Event




Summer is here, and with this season you can expect to see a slew of summer weddings. Although most American workplaces don"t slow down for summer, the idea of "summer vacation" is so entrenched in our psyches from the earliest school days that many brides automatically incline toward the warmest months of the year when planning their weddings.

If you"ve got a lot of wedding invitations propped up on your fireplace mantel or stuffed in a kitchen drawer, it"s time to think about what you"re going to wear to these oh-so-special events. If you"d been born a woman, you"d already know this. However, the inclusion of a "Y" chromosome in your genetic makeup doesn"t get you off the hook. The bride, and probably the groom as well, have spent a lot of money to make their wedding the most beautiful day of their lives. Don"t you even consider ruining the pictures, the videos, and your friendship by showing up looking like the hillbilly cousin who everybody thought would be unable to read, let alone answer, the invitation.

For daytime weddings, you can"t go wrong with a good suit, preferably in a shade of dark blue or gray. Some brown suits can meet the right degree of formality - it is becoming an increasingly correct response to a basic neutral - but the fact is that if you are uncertain of your own personal style, it probably makes sense to go with the most classic choices.

Black shoes - lace-ups for very formal events and loafers for more casual weddings - are always proper, and your belt should match your shoes. That"s actually a good rule to remember all the time: belt and shoes match, pants and socks match.

Most men believe that their tie - and yes, you should wear a tie to a wedding unless the wedding has a Hee-Haw theme - is their one area to exhibit their personality. And it is true that a tie is a perfect way to set off a beautiful shirt and suit. Your tie, like a good wedding, should definitely not have a theme. This is not the place to show off your fondness for the Tasmanian Devil or Bugs Bunny, or your love for Obama or McCain, or your keen eye for such vintage finds as that 1950s-era hula dancer tie.

Instead, model your tie after the rest of your outfit. A classic pattern, in a current color palette and width, will serve you much better than a joke. Remember, when you wear a tie - or a shirt or anything else - that comprises a joke, the joke is funny for about thirty seconds the first time anyone sees it. After that, you"re just the dork who wore the stupid tie.

If you are looking for a place to be witty, try adopting an accessory that has long been beloved by the very rich and the very stylish - cufflinks. These little gems are the necessary finishing touch for a perfectly tailored shirt with French cuffs, and they provide a little bling, a lot of class, and the ideal conversation starter to help you along in meeting the bride"s extremely hot college roommate.

If the wedding is very formal, don"t be too cute with your cufflinks. A good solid color disc or square, or one in gold or silver with engraved initials, is a timeless choice that will not only make a great impression now, but will hold you in good stead for years to come.

However, if the wedding is more informal, here"s the time for you to show the babes how witty you are. Cufflinks come in a number of styles that allow you to show off your career choice - there are Wall Street street signs for investment bankers, scales of justice for lawyers, and computer chips for programmers. Choose a style that embodies your sense of irreverence and fun and use it to break the ice during the cocktail hour. Such an entry line should give you enough to talk about to get through at least the first course. After that, it"s all up to you.

Cufflinks are also necessary for the most formal daytime weddings, in which the wedding party, and guests in the know, will wear morning dress. This cutaway, most often seen in gray, is most correctly worn with a French cuff shirt. This is a great time to try out cufflinks with traditional onyx or mother-of-pearl. Your tie should be a single-color tie, and your shoes should be black leather lace-ups.

For evening weddings at which guests are not required to appear in formal dress, you can use the lessons of the formal daytime wedding. Remember, though, that morning dress is strictly for daytime.

If you find yourself lucky enough to be asked to a formal evening event - for which of us does not look splendid in formal wear? - a great tuxedo in black is the right and proper choice. If you live in a tropical climate, you may choose a white dinner jacket. With either of these choices, onyx, gold, silver, or mother-of-pearl are the best choices for studs and cufflinks. For a very formal evening wedding, you could go all out and wear white-tie - a black tailcoat, white pique vest and tie, and patent leather shoes. The shirt, in such a case, would always be white and high-collared, and your cuffs and shirtfront should be fastened with silver, diamonds, mother-of-pearl, or pearls.


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