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Net Nanny - Parental Control Software Provides Solid Internet Security for Children


The absolute best product you can buy to protect children from online predators, pornographic material, violent sites, hate-related sites, and other undesirable content is Net Nanny by LookSmart software. This robust, full-featured parental control software product has everything you need to fully protect up to 12 different users with different "age appropriate", fully customizable settings. With Net Nanny installed, parents no longer need to worry about what children are exposed to on the internet, because special filters and blockers keep the bad stuff out of sight.

Net Nanny is easy and install and configure, and includes a ton of features that are all fully customizable to meet every parent"s needs. Net Nanny is very affordable parental control software, costing around $40. It includes web content filtering, an internet timer, internet application blocking, logging and monitoring software, a popup blocker, and privacy protection. Net Nanny fully protects children online, and provides parents with peace of mind in knowing that their children are only experiencing what family values allow.

Features of Net Nanny

  • Fully Customizable
    • Perhaps the best feature of Net Nanny is that it is fully customizable, allowing parents to set the filters in accordance with their own beliefs and family values. Net Nanny lets parents decide what their children can and cannot do online, and also lets them use a different set of "rules" for each child if desired.

  • Web Filtering
    • Web content filtering allows parents to block access to an included "blacklist" of known undesirable websites, while allowing the option of removing or adding more prohibited sites as needed. A monthly update of the Net Nanny blacklist ensures that even the newest unacceptable websites are blocked. If desired, a "whitelist" can be created, and used instead of the blacklist. This option allows parents to create a list of acceptable websites that are the only sites a child is allowed access to.

  • Popup Blocker
    • A built in pop up blocker ensures that your child doesn"t see any unexpected "surprises" as a result of popup ads for pornographic websites or other inappropriate advertisements. This also helps keep your family safe, because many popups contain links to dangerous spyware-ridden websites.

  • Keyword Filter
    • Parents can create keyword lists that filter out any inappropriate terms that might appear on websites that children are permitted to visit.

  • Internet Application Blocking
    • As an option, parents can block access to instant messaging (a tool that is commonly used by predators), downloading, and/or online games that can oftentimes be violent or addicting.

  • Web Timer
    • Net Nanny also includes an internet timer that lets parents control the amount of time each day they are allowed to remain online. It also lets parents set the times of day that the internet is available. You can configure Net Nanny to block all internet access between 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., for example. This is often a helpful feature when kids have a computer in their bedroom.

  • Privacy Protection
    • This feature protects your personal and confidential information, such as passwords and account numbers. It filters your personal information out of any data that leaves your computer and goes out to the web.

  • Parental Monitoring
    • As an option, parents can configure Net Nanny to e-mail them notification whenever a child attempts to violate an internet rule they have set. Parents can also opt to get an e-mailed record of what kids are chatting about online, and who they are chatting with.


Source by Debbie Jacobsen

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