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Pelicula Completa Dominicana Tuberculo Gourmet 2015

Suscribete y comparte con tus amigos si te gustó La película Pelicula Completa Dominicana Tuberculo Gourmet 2015 Tuberculo gurme el que mas sabe de ...

Bank REO and Bank Foreclosed Properties


So I am writing this for all of us real estate investors out there that either bought a property or are looking to jump into a home, all of us there that are into foreclosures and bank REOs either for investment purposes or because they are looking to buy the home of their dreams and finally all of us out there that have been waiting for the real estate market to collapse and are trying to see whether the 30%-plus decline in home prices in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida represents the bottom or not.

So how do we know if we have reached the bottom in the real estate market?

We can listen to the news, look at statistics etc but by the time the news makes it to the headlines, we are already past the bottom and we are off to the races. By the time the economists tell us that we have reached the bottom, it"ll probably be too late. We need some simple tools to see for ourselves before everyone else.

A good quick tool would be to gauge the depth of REO inventory on the banks" books. REO, for those not familiar with the jargon, stands for Real Estate Owned, which means properties that are owned by the banks. What happened to those properties is that they were foreclosed, they went on the auction block and nobody bid high enough to buy them at the auction. The bank then exercised their right to buy back the property as the auction"s highest bidder and now they are owned by the bank. But the banks are not in the business of owning real estate and they are trying to sell this inventory. As the REO inventory increases, the supply of REO (or you can say foreclosed) homes increases, which signifies no bottom anytime soon in the real estate market. Once you see the inventory decreasing, then maybe we are near the bottom.

Now a good question is how do we find a good measure of how many REO properties are sitting on banks" books?

A good website where you can see that is one that displays all banks" REO foreclosed properties. What I do actually is I go every week and I check to see the bank REO of the biggest banks that are listed there (Countrywide, Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo are all there). Then I see how many houses they have and I write that number down. There are many other banks on that website but I wouldn"t bother with them since they are smaller. The big boys would give you a good idea of what"s out there.

Now, this is not the complete picture as many other events affect the level of bank REO inventory at any given time. For example, California put a moratorium on bank foreclosures from Nov 2008 to Jan 2009. Banks could not foreclose during that time. As a result Countrywide"s Bank REO inventory went down up until Jan 2009 but then rose again in February when banks could foreclose again. Please remember that this is just a tool and a very useful one but it doesn"t solve all the problems nor can it predict the weather on its own. You need to keep your eyes and ears open to watch out for other things that might affect supply and demand in REO inventory and real estate in general.

That"s my two cents. Good luck in the future finding and buying your dream home or investment at the bottom. I hope I helped.


Source by Mike McDermott

Future Trends Of Cloud Computing


With Cloud computing, sky is indeed the limit! This has been agreed by most of the technology firms, research analysts and even the top IT enterprises that the future of information technology is in the clouds. Despite, the criticism made by the Oracle CEO Larry Ellison in 2010, who tagged cloud computing as just another fad has further stated that cloud too shares a gloomy fate like EDI"s and SOA"s and is soon going to fade away from the IT field.

Disapproving the statement made by the Oracle CEO, IDC Research Director, Dan Yachi negated by quoting, "Cloud computing is more than just buzz. It is here to stay and is expected to take increasing shares of total IT spending worldwide. From a VC perspective, the even better news is that cloud computing is still far from maturity. There are many technology gaps that are not yet filled, especially in the areas of cloud enablement, management, monitoring, and security. In particular, VCs can find investment opportunities in start-up companies that develop solutions for hybrid cloud, which is expected to experience increased demand over the coming years."

The era of cloud computing is finally here with myriad milestones taking place every now and then. This is compelling the established enterprises to make the most of this technology in the bid to fly high in the clouds. According to a recent survey conducted by the famous research firm Gartner, more than 50% of businesses and organizations have already taken advantage of cloud based solutions that is slated to produce a growth rate of 17% every year.

On the other hand, Apple CEO Steve Jobs did sense the potential of cloud when he decided to release the iCloud storage service for the iOS devices, caring a twig about the patent issues that surrounded his goodwill. Seems like cloud innovations are soon going to turn cloudier! Well we can"t gauge the intensity of this technology unless we delve into the future trends of cloud computing. Here"s a closer look to it:-

Cloud brings to you an original business model

There"s no doubt about it that cloud computing is the tacit business model of the present corporate world. CIO"s and top executives are literally "getting their skates on" to spot the perfect cloud based solution for their business operations. The fate of cloud services seems sealed when instances like the US. Department of Agriculture selecting Microsoft as their cloud service providers comes up.

Cloud has the most perfect timing

Businesses these days really find it hard to stand out in this competitive environment. But with cloud computing, there"s always a fresh start and solution to the most complex problems, that too at a faster and cost effective manner. Cloud computing has just arrived in time to meet some of the most critical business demands with technological trends, especially in the mobile realm. CSP"S like Orange and Verizon has joined the cloud bandwagon along with Charter and Comcast with their partnerships with Exchange and Sharepoint are too playing hard to have their share of the pie. Smaller enterprises without a separate IT department can also expect for a brighter future with cloud"s "pay-as-you-avail" services.

Cloud is improving and going better

Earlier, cloud had certain concern with security but it has come out of its drawbacks. Newer systems with complex layers as well as architecture in the different models have transformed cloud into a secured and reliable alternative for clients. Cloud computing is now advantageous because of its minimal costing and faster recovery rate, especially during crisis situations as against the conventional hardware dependent disaster solutions.


Source by Sam Mackenzie

15 Películas de Superhéroes y Cómics Más Esperadas 2016 y 2017.

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Peter y el dragón - Disney (2016) Primer Tráiler Oficial Español

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How Often Do You Check Your Bank Accounts?


How often do you check your  bank  accounts? It"s okay, you can be honest. I promise not to make fun of you. My promise in return is to share with you on how often I check my  bank  accounts. So, do you check "em once a day? Twice a day? Once a week? Once a month? Fortunately there is no right or wrong answer here. It"s your  banking , time and money, so do as you please.

I like to check mine typically once a day. Two or three times on paydays. Typically I wake up, wipe the drool off my face and log into my online  banking  to start my morning off right. It gives me a peace of mind to make sure the money is still there, the right withdrawals happened, deposits are in place and that there is no funny activity. After checking my money situation out, next I take a sip of coffee (which has already been prepared for me by my fancy coffee maker) and log in to see my blog stats. Totally double the pleasure.;)

In some ways you can say I"m addicted to my blog stats and online  banking  accounts. However, there are good reasons to log on to your online  banking  accounts more frequently than not:

Playing the Game of Error Catching

You work hard for your money, and the last thing you want is your money or someone else taking advantage of your hard earned money. We"re all human and we make mistakes, and so do the computers. No system, policy or procedure is perfect. The only way to catch errors is to view your accounts often enough. Logging on once a month won"t do the truck I assure you.

The annoying part is that you have to keep checking your accounts for someones accidental errors that could possibly be costing you money. Errors are made all the time and the only way to reduce the errors is by keeping tabs on your  banking  accounts.

Motivation 101

I"m not sure about you, but I get motivated after logging into my online  bank  accounts. Coincidentally I get the same feeling after logging into my blogging stats. It gives me that extra "umff" and the "OK" that I"m doing something right.

Whether it"s debt, savings, RRSPs, TFSAs or other investment accounts, you too will get motivated when you see those numbers moving in a direction that you want. Seeing those amounts go up little by little every week, or your debt go down down down, is some powerful stuff.

Take today for example. I logged in this morning and saw that my RRSP account made it over the $2,000 mark. It turned me on and inspired me to write this mini post. I"m proud of my mini bi-weekly contributions and seeing a nice round number like that makes it all worth while.

It doesn"t matter who you  bank  with, whether it be a large financial institution such a Discover online  banking  or your local credit union online  banking  you can always get inspired. The beauty of saving money (and never touching it) is that it only moves in one direction - UP!

I"ll be honest here, I"m not trying to burst your bubble, but saving money and never touching it is an acquired skill. The faster you grasp it, begin to do it and breathe it every day - the more savings you"ll acquire faster. You"re probably thinking right now; "Give me some cool-aid that this guy is drinking, because this is obvious" and I agree with you, unfortunately I don"t have any cool-aid to share with you, because I ain"t drinking any. I"m buying this simple idea now and have been for the past....almost two years now. I just wish I bought into this simple idea long ago.

So that"s why I check my accounts every single day. I like knowing what my money is up to, and I want as much motivation as I can get. It only takes 30 seconds of my time and the motivation is priceless.

So, back to you: How often do you check your  bank  accounts?


Source by Eddie Kadic

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Yu gi oh la película 2016

Flexible Work Arrangements Reduce Turnover/Retain Top Talent


Balancing work and family has received a lot of attention over the years. There are several reasons for this. First, today"s workforce is increasingly diverse and demanding. Second, the workforce is shrinking. There are not enough skilled workers to fill all the jobs.

In this country skilled workers have options. It is important not to force workers to choose between work and family. Each year thousands of good people leave good jobs to take other positions that are more family friendly. This situation has fueled the dramatic rise of home-based and female-owned businesses.

A one size fits all approach no longer works. Employers must either accommodate the needs of their people or be faced with constant employee turnover and unhappy employees.

The cost of turnover is much more expensive than people realize. In the U.S. it costs between $7-17K to replace an hourly employee, upwards to $40,000 to replace a manager, and even more to replace an executive. In spite of the staggering cost, the majority of businesses do not have a formal retention program.

What makes one person happy can be the very thing that displeases another. That is why organizations must pay specific attention to the various needs each person may have and expect.

By creating a Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA), companies can keep good employees and not force them to sacrifice the diverse needs of their family life. An FWA will help them benefit personally and professionally, and the result will be people who are more loyal, committed, and productive.

FWAs offer options to employees who do not want or need a standard work schedule. A properly prepared FWA allows greater flexibility in balancing roles of work and home. It also can help prevent valuable employees from quitting and taking a less suitable position somewhere else. Most of the time a FWA involves fewer work hours and possibly a proportional reduction of pay and benefits.

A survey by Flexible Resources Inc. of more than 500 women seeking flexible work arrangements found 64 percent of them had either quit or were planning to quit due to the lack of work hour flexibility. What was alarming, 59 percent of these women never asked their employers to modify their work schedules because they assumed they would be denied or lose stature. Younger women are more assertive in seeking flexible work arrangements; 72 percent of women between the age of 25 and 35 were willing to request an FWA compared to only 30% of the women aged 36 to 45.

Among those who requested a Flexible Work Arrangement and were told “no,” reasons for the refusal ran the gamut in the following priority:

  1. We can’t give it to you and not the others (52%)

  2. You will not be available to others (48%)

  3. We have never done it before (24%)

  4. You won’t be as productive as when you work full time (8%)

  5. Your job is not conducive to flexible hours (5%)

  6. There is too much work to do (5%)

  7. It wouldn’"t fit into a team atmosphere (5%)

But FWA"s have drawbacks. People feel physical presence equals more opportunity for promotions and advancement. Men are particularly vulnerable to the stigma “if you are not at work full-time, you are not competitive.”

Several years ago "Working Mother" magazine recognized the innovative work/life programs provided by the Bank of America. Its "Child Care Plus" program pays eligible workers an additional amount of money each week per child for employees earning less than $30,000 a year. After learning turnover for participants was about half that of the peer group not participating, BofA expanded the program to include workers with family incomes of $60,000 and also began to allow workers two paid hours a week to work in their children’s schools. Finally, they added money for college. Bank of America gives $2,000 a year for employees enrolled in undergraduate classes and $4,000 for graduate study. As a result, they were able to reduce turnover by 50 percent.


Source by Gregory Smith

Why Is It Worth Upgrading to iOS 7?


The iOS 7 is the latest offering of OS by Apple and undoubtedly the most awaited update for existing iOS users. The OS comes installed on iPhone 5C and 5S but if you are not the one who is willing to purchase these upgraded models then a software upgrade is essential. Now the question is should you go for the upgrade for your iDevices that include your iPads and iPhones.

What is iOS 7 all about?

The new OS launched by Apple is the latest offering of software that is tweaked with additional features, have user friendly settings, new UI and all that influence the software and hardware of your device.

This is almost after a span of six years that Apple has made changes in its OS. This is a major rehash in its overall design with the latest version along with complete new look. The animations, the icons, the color tonality, transparency factor and even the typography have changed.

If you are wondering what exactly is new with this latest version then check up the following additions:

• The best that Apple has added in its software is the Control Center. This works with the slider function that you can slide up to access settings including Airplane Mode and brightness controls. Other things like camera, timer, flashlight and calculator too are added within this Control Center. This is designed by keeping in mind that a user can immediately access basic functionality without a fuss.

• If you are running through a busy day then the best that can happen is the notification center. This feature keeps you updated with the latest information and details of your schedule. You will also get instant updates on weather of the day ahead.

• The camera app too is tweaked by adding an option of square-photo along with new filter options. The photo app now arranges all your pictures based on location and date.

• The additional new feature of AirDrop makes it easier to connect to   iCloud  for sharing pictures and other file formats. This feature comes handy when you want to move your files between your iDevices and your desktop system.

• Siri, the voice assistant too is now tweaked and capable of changing to male voice and carry out voice guided searches using defaults and Bing. The results also include searches pulled out from Wikipedia and Twitter.

• Multitasking looks different. The same double-click of the home button now zooms you out to show a carousel of mini versions of all your open apps.

Which iDevices you can upgrade?

Now after finding out this latest software, you need to know which iDevices you can upgrade to this latest OS. If you own iPhone 4 and above then you can upgrade to iOS 7. However, the thing to remember is that you will not be able to use the technology of AirDrop, camera filters and Siri on your iPhone 4. If you own iPhone 5 then you will be able to avail all the offerings of iOS 7. For those who own iPod touch 5th generation will be able to upgrade to the latest OS. If you are thinking of upgrading iPad then you can do so if you have iPad 2 or iPad 3G but again the facility of AirDrop, Camera tweaks and Siri is not supported. For those having iPad 4th generation and iPad Mini they will be delighted to upgrade to the latest software as these devices support full features offered by iOS 7.

Unless you are a tech savvy user upgrading will not do much for you, it might bring about some performance lags to your device.


Source by Polly Uma Simpson

What to Choose - Secured Or Unsecured Loans?


No matter the type of the financial need, it" s always best to analyze carefully the situation before taking action. This way you have bigger chances in finding the money with the lowest cost.

First of all,  loans  divide into two great categories: secured and unsecured  loans . The difference is given by the fact that secured  loans  will require a collateral that guarantees the lender doesn"t lose his money if the borrower fails to make the repayments. Unsecured  loans  do not need a guarantee.

 Loans  can be secured by many assets: by a house (mortgage), by a car (secured auto  loan ) and even by money (cash-secured  loan ). The lender holds a lien over the property and in case the borrower defaults he is entitled to sell it to recuperate his money.

Because secured  loans  are backed-up by some asset, lenders will be more willing to give you money. The amount lent is related to the value of the collateral, and can reach up to 75% of its value. For example, if you take a  loan  and use your car as a collateral (value of 10 000$) you can get as high as 7500 $. This figures can give you just an idea, because the percentage varies from lender to lender. Secured  loans  can be your first option if you need a big amount to borrow and you own a collateral that you are willing to put against the  loan .

Since secured  loans  are usually big amounts, they are granted for long periods of time, up to 30 years. Because you secure the  loan , you can negotiate the terms and get low interest rates. On the other hand, even though you pay small amounts each month (they are calculated considering your income and other debts, but usually they are tolerable and leave you with cash for other expenses), the interest accumulated over the long life of the  loan  is significant in value.

Unsecured  loans  are a type of  loan  designed for people looking to borrow but without the possibility to secure the  loan .

This type of  loan  is a high-risk  loan  for the lender and therefore is more expensive. The lender has nothing than the borrower" s signature on the papers. In the unfortunate case the borrower fails to repay, the lending company must initiate legal procedures and go into court. That is why the decision to approve the  loan  is taken after carefully analyzing the customer "s financial history and credit rating. The amount approved is influenced by more than a few factors, amongst which are: age, citizenship, income, other debts and marital status.

Due to high risk associated with them, unsecured  loans  might not be your best solution in terms of rates and conditions. Rates are usually high and repayment period fixed.

In terms of cost, secured  loans  are cheaper and more flexible. In terms of risk unsecured  loans  have an advantage, as there is no asset at risk.

Overall, secured and unsecured  loans  can" t really compete as they don" t target the same customer segment. They are designed for different customers with different needs and possibilities.


Source by Tippfein Klaus

Peliculas Romanticas,Completo Español de cine ♥ Mejores Peliculas de amor 2016




miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2016

Estrenos de Cine Películas 2014 / Septiembre - Octubre - Noviembre (Incluye Trailers)

No te pierdas los mejores Estrenos de Cine para los meses de Septiembre, Octubre y Noviembre de 2014. Puedes MIRAR LOS TRAILERS DISPONIBLES AL ...

How Much Do Safe Deposit Boxes Cost?


If you have some valuables that you want to keep such as money, jewelry, insurance policies, original deeds, titles, mortgages etc., you may find yourself heading to a local bank to obtain a secure box. Acquiring a safe deposit box is reasonably priced in many banks. Safety deposit boxes are a must have to keep important documents that you may need in an emergency.

The rent per year for a safe deposit box charges by the size and number available at each bank location. Most banks fees are in the same range. You should check with your bank for sizes, fees and readiness of the box. Most banks will require that you go into the branch itself to get quotes on the box.

There are many various sizes that you can get with a bank. Listed down here is the average cost of a box throughout different banks.

  • According to research, the normal charge of safe box costs from $30 up to $75 a year.

  • Bank of America charges $190 up to $200 for a size of 17x15, $30 for a size of 2x5 and has the same charges for 10x10 box.

  • Chase Bank has over a lot of d sizes to choose from. A 2×5 can cost you $60 to $65 per year.

  • For Citibank, a box a size of 2×5 is $20 for a yearly charge and a charge of $3,320 for a size of 24×48 is as a yearly fee.

  • Wells Fargo also has various sizes to choose from. For a 2×5, this is $40 annually, while their 10×10 is $120 per year

Where are safe deposit boxes located?

Safe deposit boxes are usually located in the vault section of the banks. This vault is made of cement and steel. When you rent a safe deposit box, you are issued two keys which fit only in to your safety deposit box. Each key must be kept in a safe place and separately. Some banks may oblige a key deposit fee. This deposit fee can cost you $10 to $30. If you lose your key in the long run, you will have to pay a locksmith fee, or even a fee that the bank chooses.

If you are planning to have one for your home, the SentrySafe H2300 can cost you anywhere from $40 up to $60. There are many other various makes and models that may be in this price range.


Source by Hannah Munson

How Do I Use An iPad?


Like all new technologies that have come and gone the Apple iPad is the next greatest and latest gadget on the market. Developed by Apple Inc. it has become one of the most sought after electronic products in the world. It has even changed the way people view technology and its use. The iPad is every sci-fi geek"s fantasy come true. The device can do many things, perform many functions, can be used in school, work, business, and more. The next big question is this. How do I use a iPad? The question arises because like every computer product out there people have only been able to access part of its full potential. What does an iPad do? What can I use my iPad for? How do I setup my iPad? Can I print things from my iPad? Can I do the same things like I did with a normal computer on my iPad? How do I use an iPad?

This is probably the number one question someone would ask after buying an iPad. How do I use an iPad? Luckily for us Apple Inc. has done a great job of making the iPad user friendly as possible. When someone purchases the Apple iPad they will discover a couple of things. First thing you will notice is the lack of a keyboard. Next, there is a large Home button located on the bottom front of the iPad. Then there is a microphone, headphone mini jack, a connector, volume control, on/off sleep mode button on the top, built-in speaker on the side, and a glossy sleek surface that make the face of the iPad tablet. With the push of a button your iPad comes to life.

With the iPad being a touch screen platform users would only need to touch the icon they want to be running in full view. Everything from taking pictures, viewing maps, to surfing on the web, listening to music, playing games, reading books, chatting with others, watching movies, and downloading stuff, these are just some of the things you can do with the iPad. Using the iPad is easy. Aside from your initial understanding of its setup, there are many other features and benefits the device has hidden in plain view. Plus there are tons of apps and features you"ll want to access and setup on your device. Things like wifi setup, Gmail setup, skype setup, printer setup, newsstand setup, music setup, movie stream setup and more. After you complete your setup on your iPad device you can use it anyway you want to. You can use it for school, work, in a business, for research, entertainment for your kids, and other applications.

Now what about those other features that are on the iPad. Like most of you I"ve always wandered about how other people can always figure out how to work any electronic device. One way to understand your Apple iPad is to read through their iPad operating instructions manual, that is 100+ pages of information. From there you can read your way to understanding how to setup your wifi, how to setup your emails, how to setup new apps, and so on. Once you understand and master the instructions you can maximize your iPad use.


Source by William San Nicolas

Independent Boarding And Day School Leading The List Of UK Boarding Schools


In South Shropshire, you will find Bedstone College, which is one of the top boarding and day schools in all of England. The college is leading the way for the best educational facilities for children age 3 to 18 whether in the day school area or as a quality boarding school in the UK. Bedstone not only offers a beautiful setting with quality education, but also is at the top of the list with the GCSE and A level league tables making it a great choice for boarding schools in the UK.

In 1948, Bedstone College was built on the borders of Herefordshire and Powys in the beautiful and serene uplands of South Shropshire. In this quiet setting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, students can learn and enjoy the educational possibilities offered without distractions at this boarding school in the UK. Nonetheless, Bedstone is not that far from various airports and large cities.

The main building, Bedstone Court, was built in 19th century and has the style and architectural design you would expect of this time period. When it was first built, it was one of only a few calendar houses. Today, Bedstone Court is the location of the administration area, the library, dining facilities, and reading room on the lower floor while the upstairs is the housing for the middle and junior college boys. Throughout the rest of the property are other buildings that belong to this unique boarding school in the UK for all kinds of educational purposes built throughout the last 20 years. The buildings are all designed to educate children between the ages of 3 and 18 whether for day school or for boarding. The old traditional buildings mixed with the newer more modern buildings give Bedstone a unique and friendly atmosphere that is seen in the smiling faces of the students and faculty alike.

There may be other girl boarding schools and boy boarding schools throughout England but Bedstone is set apart in that it is a co-educational facility whereas staff and students alike enjoy their time spent at this learning facility. Once you set foot in the beautiful college, you will feel right at home with the friendly atmosphere provided by the students that call Bedstone home.

All classes are offered in both French and German giving students a choice to aid in their learning ability. Either entrance to Bedstone boarding school and day school consists of an interview, and an exam or test. Affiliations with Independent Schools" Association, BSA, AGBIS, SHMIS and the religious affiliation with the Church of England also sets Bedstone apart from other boarding schools in the UK.

All children from ages three to eighteen can attend Bedstone College boarding school in the UK with the break down as follows:

Pre-preparatory department for ages 3 - 7

Preparatory school for ages 7 - 11

Senior college for ages 11 - 18

Bedstone College offers several wonderful sport activities along with unique extra curricular activities that are not usually seen with other boarding schools in the UK. The list of sports offered at Bedstone include soccer, basketball, soccer, rugby, hockey, netball, tennis, squash, badminton, cross-country, cricket, rounders, swimming, athletics, and volleyball. Mountain biking, chess, bi-annual ski trips, embroidery, pottery, horse riding, and even trips to the medieval market town of Ludlow is included in the extra curricular activities offered at Bedstone.

Along with quality education, Bedstone College offers excellent pastoral care. Each student once they reach national curriculum year 9 are assigned a personal tutor while every student has a houseparent and a tutor to aid them in all aspects of their life, whether at school or outside classes. Of course, after year 9 weekly meetings with the tutor will ensure the student of success in all their endeavors. This boarding school in the UK offers so much to the educational, social growth, and independent leadership of each student that it must be considered before you make your final decision.


Source by Robin Darch